Valentine’s Day Activities

It’s time to fall in love with messy play!

Here are three simple and cute ideas for Valentine’s day!

A Lovely footprints

All you need is paper, a pen and some paint!

Fold your paper in half, write an L on the top left, leave a gap for the footprint next to it and then write a V and E at the bottom.

Paint your child’s foot or hand and pop it next to the L to form the O shape.


Lovely noodles

Have some noodletastic fun with your little one! Taste safe and toxic free, this is great for babies!

All you need is some rice noodles and some food colouring!

Cook the noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes, strain and then pop back in the pan. Add some food colouring and mix. Leave for 2 minutes. Rinse very very well till the water runs clear and the noodles are cold. Pop in a tray and play!

Lovely cards!

All you need is a printer, some scissors, and pencils or texters!

Print out the templates on landscape setting, cut out following the lines and colour in!

You can choose from Archie, Lionel, Swirlo or Ziggy!

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