Messy Play Classes by Little Messy Learners offer a unique, hands-on learning experience for young children. Designed to enhance fine motor skills and early writing abilities, these themed sessions provide a fun, sensory-rich environment. Children explore, create, and learn through engaging activities that promote creativity and cognitive development. Each class is an exciting adventure, fostering a love for learning. Join Little Messy Learners for a joyful and enriching educational journey through play!

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Little Messy Learners was created by a qualified teacher who designed a ‘messy play’ mark making programme where babies (right up to pre-schoolers) use painting, play dough, scribbling and more to learn early writing skills.  Your baby will use hands, fingers, feet and toes to make marks which will benefit their core muscles and develop their gross and fine motor skills

Although we use resources which are non-toxic, as you most likely know only too well – babies and toddlers attempt to ‘eat’ almost anything! Parent/carer supervision is required for your child just as at home. Please talk to your class leader if you have any concerns (including making them aware of any specific allergies) or to discuss the resources which will be in use in class.

Not their very best outfit! Your child will get messy so anything loose, comfortable and easily washed will be great! We also sell branded Little Messy Learners t-shirts and hoodies – let your class leader know you’re interested.

Classes are designed for babies from 5 months up to 5 years

We recommend babies participating should be 5 months+. If you wish to simply bring a younger baby along with an older sibling who is attending, please speak to your area’s class leader to find out if this is possible.

We recognise there may be occasions when an older sibling may need to attend the class with a younger sibling and parent/carer. Please contact your class leader to find out whether this is possible.

Your 3 year old will certainly benefit from a Little Messy Learners class! Their use of the resources e.g. paints, play-doh etc will naturally be more sophisticated, however this is brilliant for confidence-building as they will be able to observe that their ‘mark-making’ has become ‘writing’ compared to younger children.

Check with your class leader, but this is unlikely to be a problem unless the venue is very restricted space-wise.

Some children dislike the feeling of messy play initially and this is often overcome when they see other children having fun! However, if your child has specific needs with regards to sensory play, noise, light, interactions with other children (or any other!), please do speak to your class leader as we are passionate about inclusivity and we will do what we can to make adaptations so your child can better participate and enjoy the experience. Here at Little Messy Learners we are all about YOUR child. ♥️

Completely! Please don’t worry if your child hasn’t yet begun to make marks as such – they will be observing all the time and will surprise you when you’re least expecting it. Also – by picking up tools and resources they are developing their gross and fine motor skills. As at home, distraction techniques work best when a child is fixated on putting tools/resources towards their mouth.

Absolutely not. Almost all babies and toddlers like to be on the move as soon as they can! Classes are designed to facilitate movement and variety as much as possible!

Your child will interact at their own speed. You can encourage them by interacting with the resources yourself – e.g. lifting up ‘gloop’ and slopping it down accompanied with sound effects. Or letting rice run through your hands on eye-level with your child will be engaging for them.


Booking with Little Messy Learners is simple and convenient. Choose from a variety of themed classes designed to enhance early writing skills and creativity through hands-on, sensory play. Whether you’re looking to join a weekly session or book a special event, our online registration process makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your child. Don’t miss out on these enriching and fun educational experiences. Reserve your spot today and watch your child thrive!

This varies depending on location. Please find your nearest class by entering your postcode at and you will be able to see prices via the booking system.

As our classes follow a designed programme, they follow a term format.  However, there may be occasions when individual leaders offer drop-ins, subject to availability. This must be booked with the leader in your area before attending however – so check the website link for your area.

Generally speaking this won’t be possible as the place has been reserved for your child, but speak to your class teacher in case there may be the opportunity to rearrange.

Yes. Please discuss with your area Little Messy Learners class leader. Only siblings of the child participant qualifies for a discount.

Parties, Events & Private Hire

Parties, events, and private hire with Little Messy Learners bring the fun and educational experience of our classes to your special occasion. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any celebration, our themed activities engage children in creative, hands-on play that enhances early writing skills. Tailored to your needs, these events offer a memorable, enjoyable experience for young learners. Book now to provide an exciting and enriching environment that makes every event unforgettable.

No, the session will go ahead regardless of the weather (unless extreme e.g. thunderstorms or very high winds)

Yes, lots of our franchisees work with preschools, schools and other educational providers. Speak to your area class leader for more information.

Yes. Please discuss with the class leader for booking/theme/rates or fill in an enquiry form on our parties page here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions…

Other frequently asked questions by Little Messy Learners cover a range of topics to help parents and caregivers make the most of our classes. Common queries include class duration, age suitability, materials provided, and booking procedures. We also address questions about the benefits of messy play, how to prepare for classes, and our health and safety measures. For detailed answers and more information, visit our FAQ section to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your child.

We have – several! They include National Franchised Pre-schooler Activity, Best National Baby Activity and Best Party Supplier. We’ve also won awards for our Early Writing Programme – The Mark Makers and also our franchise opportunity. See our full list of awards here.

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