Simple Easter Cards!

I made these cute, effective and very easy Easter cards with my two children. These cards can be made with any age, even with babies. All you need is:

  • Card ( we used green card so the background could be grass), you could also use paper.
  • Yellow Paint (alternatively you could use crayons, colouring pencils).
  • Colouring pencils or pens

Step 1:

Fold the card and decide if you would like it horizontal or vertical. Either way works well. For the children I drew an outline of a hill. This was so the chicks would sit on the hill and not be too far down the page. (also makes it easier when drawing the legs on).

Step 2:

Dab your child’s thumb and fingers in the yellow paint and blob onto the card next to each other. Create a little family of chicks made of 2 blobs of paint. Leave these to dry. Note: Don’t do what I did! I hung up some string across my kitchen and hung them on to dry. Don’t do this as the blobs of paint trickle down the card, so ensure you leave flat to dry.

Step 3:

Once the paint has dried, use the colouring pencils or pens to draw beaks, eyes and legs. You could be as creative as your like. You could add speech bubbles, a background or writing.

We are sending ours to friends and family this Easter. We have also decided to pop them through the letterbox to our neighbours.

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Have fun. I would love to see your cards so please share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,

Lene x

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