Easter Egg Pinatas!

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Photo credit to mom.com

We have started making our Easter Egg Pinatas this week! This photo is credit to mom.com as we haven’t finished ours yet and I wanted to finish this blog in time for you to make them! We are nearly there!

It’s really easy….
🐣 Blow up a balloon.

🐣 Papier mache 3 or 4 layers. Leave a small area with no papier mache. Allow to dry between each layer. (We used torn up paper/newspaper and a mix of 2 parts PVA glue, 1 part water. You can also make a flour and water paste)

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🐣 Once dry, pop the balloon through the hole you have left and fill with Easter goodies/toys/chocolate! Papier mache/ put masking tape over the hole to seal.

🐣 Paint white and decorate with paint or Sharpies. You can also stick on streamers, crepe paper anything you like to make it look pretty!!

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Camera shy daughter painting her pinata! You may need a few coats to cover the newspaper.

🐣 Make 2 holes at the top of the pinata and thread wire or string around. Hang the pinata up on a tree or somewhere it can hang.

🐣 Bash with a cricket bat or baseball bat until the treats are released!!

🐰 Please take care when bashing! Ensure everyone stands well back. 🐰


We don’t have a photo of our finished ones as not decorated yet but I will put in the comments when we are done!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

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