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Sensory Messy Play With Dinner Leftovers

It’s so easy to cook up some rice for dinner, but what if you have some left over? It’s easy to turn leftover spaghetti, couscous and rice into messy play fun for your little one. Did you know cooked rice can be stored in an air tight container for a few days? When ready to […]

Gingerbread Playdough

Christmas time we often enjoy the smells of the gingerbread man and the gingerbread house. So why not make it for our kids to play with too. Learn to make gingerbread playdough with Little Messy Learners!   Here is a quick modification to mix up a batch of Gingerbread Playdough to play with for the […]

Christmas Tree Hand Prints

A fun quick messy play gift for the grandparents, godparents or that special person! Learn how to make these amazing Christmas Tree hand prints with Little Messy Learners below!   Gather materials : green paint, textas, paper, baby wipes, plastic table cover tray or highchair   Choose a calmer part of the day to make […]

Ziggy Spider Webs!

Learn all about how to make these super cool Ziggy Spider Webs in this blog! Ziggy is a member of ‘The Mark Makers’ Gang! He teaches all things zig-zags and diagonal lines! Ziggy is all about helping you in learning different shapes, letters and numbers such as triangles, the letter W and the number 7. […]

Mark Making using Messy Play trays

Mark Making is an educators way of describing a child’s ability to make meaning of the world through movement in materials such as cereals, flour, sand, noodles, paper, and the use of writing tools such as paint, brushes, texts and chalk. In our classes the themed characters support children by teaching them at the beginning […]

Playing With Jelly!

At Little Messy Learners our goal is to improve your little ones gross motor skills through tailored messy play classes. We use so many things to provide a variety of textures, shapes and sounds for your little ones to enjoy and ultimately learn from. Things such as slime, crushed cereal and bath foam are just […]

Helping children connect with Aboriginal culture and dot painting.

Reconciliation week and NAIDOC week are important times to begin sharing some aspects of the rich culture and history of our country. There has been a lot of harmful decisions made in our past between the European/ British settlers towards the original inhibitors of Australia. Reconciliation week is about harmonising the two cultures and building […]

2+years Pre-Kindy School Readiness classes

School readiness includes a lot of factors that can help prepare a child for starting school. In our Little Messy Learners Prekindy school readiness classes we can help by; 1. Guiding parents and children with directional print using 4 familiar patterns, mark making to create future letters and numbers. We teach these patterns and shapes […]

Paper Plate Bunny Faces

Equipment. Paper platesCotton ballsglue stickCrayon Pipe cleaners Hole punch Sticky tape Pop stick / paper straw Method : start with the ears, punch two holes top right of plate for pipe cleaner to go through . Repeat other ear. Bend twist pipe cleaner to create circular shape and tape behind plate secure join with sticky […]