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5 Ways To Play With Playdough!

Playdough is an amazing sensory base that can be adapted for all types of learning! 1. Ice Cream Playdough ice cream play 2. Lavender In Playdough   3. Vegetable Garden Playdough 4. Animal Figurines With Playdough 5. Galaxy Playdough  

Sticky Wall Activity

This sticky wall activity is one of our favorites, especially on rainy days like today! All you need to do is cut a good size piece of contact paper and carefully remove the protecting backing. Once the protective backing is off use tape to stick the contact on a window or wall, sticky side toward […]

What’s the big deal about Messy Play?

Messy Play is a style of play in which children are able to explore, learn, and lead their own play. Messy play involves children using all five senses. Using all five senses in play helps children discover how things feel, smell, taste, as well as identifying what can be seen and what sounds can be […]

Animal Rescue Play Activity

Our animal rescue play idea is a fun and interactive activity for engaging children in learning. One of the best things about this activity is you can adapt to suit all ages, see our ideas below. The aim of this activity is simple ‘Rescue the Animals’. Firstly, select your child’s favourite animal figurines. Once animals […]

Jelly Rescue Play & Recipe

There are so many wonderful ways to use jelly and our favourite is Jelly Rescue Play! You can mash it, cut it into squares or shapes, or place your child’s favourite tools into the gelatin before it sets. One of our favourite ways to use jelly is by setting our figurines into the mixture and […]

Water play is magical!

There’s something magical about the property of water, don’t you think! It’s like whenever water play is available children automatically gravitate towards the experience. Water play can be as simple as you make it. It’s by far the most effective sensory based experiences that sparks happiness and joy for all ages. Tired child? Add water! […]

Pasta Play Activity

Are you looking for a quick and simple play activity for your toddler? This easy pasta play activity was just that and captured my little ones attention immediately. The best thing about this educational activity is it took me less than 2 minutes to get it ready, winning right! All you need for this experience […]

The sense of touch!

Babies and toddlers rely heavily on their sense of touch to make meaning of their world. That’s why they are always grabbing, pulling, and bring things to their mouth. Children begin to understand various textures through the sense of touch before they even have the words to explain them. Some of these textures may be […]

DIY Music Shakers

Are you looking for a fun, messy free and educational activity for your little one? DIY music shakers are exactly that and super easy to make. The best thing about these DIY music shakers is all the resources you need can be found in the kitchen. My daughter loves our DIY music shakers! In our […]

The benefits of painting!

We love painting at Little Messy Learners! Painting is one of the many exciting experiences children can explore at our messy play sessions. Each week we alter our painting activities to extend on your child’s learning and interests. We may change the colours of paint, the painting tools, or the surfaces on what we paint […]