Ziggy Spider Webs!

Learn all about how to make these super cool Ziggy Spider Webs in this blog!

Ziggy is a member of ‘The Mark Makers’ Gang! He teaches all things zig-zags and diagonal lines! Ziggy is all about helping you in learning different shapes, letters and numbers such as triangles, the letter W and the number 7. In todays Little Messy Learners class we focused on the different ways we can incorporate Ziggy marks. Here’s a great example! Sider webs have so many random and jagged lines so we thought we would try our hand at some Ziggy Spider Webs!


Zigzag hexagon or octagon !
Help teach your little one some shapes. Typically drawn as an 8 sided shape start in the middle of the page and gradually add another layer until the page is filled out. Encourage your child to trace over the straight Lionel and diagonal Ziggy lines until the octagon shape is complete.

Use a sponge with a dab of paint and dip the palm of your child into some paint.
Press onto the centre of the web.
Use their fingers to create the 8 legs sweeping the finger gently from the spider body and out, 4 on each side


You could extend the activity by adding another layer of silver glitter glue over the web lines, or cut it out and attach with a o hole punched and string. When dry consider adding features onto spider eg eyes.

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