We love The Mark Makers!

At Little Messy Learners, we know that we run the best Messy Play and Mark Making classes around! Our award winning classes are not only fun but can help your child develop their creativity, hone their fine AND gross motor skills and give them a head start in their education journey. But how?

THE MARK MAKERS of course!

Our unique early writing programme was devised by CEO of Little Messy Learners, Rachel Fay. Meaning that we are the ONLY early years provider with access to The Mark Makers – helping us stand out from other messy play companies.

Tell me more!

The Mark Makers is a early writing and mark making programme that seamlessly fits into our messy play activities, whilst also providing fun and colourful mascots to entice children to learn, develop and ultimately, make their mark.

Each of The Mark Makers represents one of the four core marks used in all letters and numbers. By breaking down each letter into it’s simplest form, we can encourage children to work towards writing in a fun, understandable way ensuring that no child get left behind.

The Mark Makers very own Lionel
Little Messy Learners – The Mark Makers


Lionel represents ‘Soldier Marks’ which are straight lines going from top to bottom or side to side. Lionel is the first of The Mark Makers that your child will meet, as straight lines are the easiest to understand.


Swirlo the Magic Pot covers all things curly and circular with her ‘Magic Marks’!


Archie looks after ‘Rainbow Marks’, which are humped, curved or arched. You’ll quite often see Archie and Lionel together, as their marks overlap to create more complex letters.


Ziggy is the final piece in The Mark Makers puzzle and he helps your child master the trickiest mark of all – zig zags! You’ll also occasionally see Ziggy make a live appearance at events and classes too!

But how does it work?

The Mark Makers form the core of our syllabus at Little Messy Learners and are a big part of each and every session. Our amazing franchisees and class leaders encourage your child to make the marks via activities, tuff tray play and through songs and dance. Repetition is key and our class leaders include so many activities to help every type of learner – auditory, visual, or kinaesthetic!

The Mark Makers worksheets in action!
Our worksheets in action!


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