The sense of touch!

Babies and toddlers rely heavily on their sense of touch to make meaning of their world. That’s why they are always grabbing, pulling, and bring things to their mouth. Children begin to understand various textures through the sense of touch before they even have the words to explain them. Some of these textures may be rough, wet, cold, bumpy, crunchy….

Our aim in all of our classes is to provide a multitude of resources and materials to encourage early exposure, extending on each child’s learning and development. That’s why each week you will experience a wide variety of different products and new inviting play trays to explore.

Here are a few things your little one may have the opportunity to touch and engage with in one of our classes.

  • Icey cold or warm soapy water
  • Playdough
  • Vibrant paint
  • Gooey oobleck
  • Moondough
  • Slime
  • Coloured rice or pasta
  • Oats, coconut, couscous, breadcrumbs…….

We uses these sensory bases as the foundation of our play tray creations. In our classes you may see us use these ingredients to create animals, patterns, small world play areas, or our famous Little Messy Learners Mark Makers.

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