The benefits of painting!

We love painting at Little Messy Learners! Painting is one of the many exciting experiences children can explore at our messy play sessions. Each week we alter our painting activities to extend on your child’s learning and interests. We may change the colours of paint, the painting tools, or the surfaces on what we paint on. This blog is all about the benefits of painting!

Let’s have a look at some of the incredible benefits of painting with children.

Motor development

Painting supports fine and gross motor skills. You can support your child’s motor development by offering a variety of painting tools, including different leveled surfaces to paint on. The photos above show the different ways children can use their bodies to paint. All these physical positions strength their motor skills.


Taking time to engage in meaningful conversations around your child’s art encourages language development. You could talk about the colours your child is using? What painting tool they are using, or the marks they are creating? These conversations help your child’s verbal communication and vocabulary.

Cognitive memory

Did you know painting is repetitive? The repetitive movements in painting supports the brains cognitive memory. As an example the movements used in painting can be the reloading of paint onto the brush, or the brushstrokes used to form symbols and patterns.

Brain development

All over our body we have sensory nerves that send important messages to our brain. This helps our brain form new connections and make meaning. As children paint they are exposed to new and familiar sensory sensations. These sensations could be the wet of the paint, the bumpy paper, or the rough bristles of the brush.


Painting offers a place for children to feel calm and relaxed. As children create art work the mind is only able to focus on the creation at hand. The brains ability to focus on one activity helps our bodies to feel peace.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of painting! What’s you child’s favourite painting activity?



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