Sticky Wall Activity

This sticky wall activity is one of our favorites, especially on rainy days like today!

All you need to do is cut a good size piece of contact paper and carefully remove the protecting backing. Once the protective backing is off use tape to stick the contact on a window or wall, sticky side toward you. Due to the residue on our window the masking tape wouldn’t stick, however heavy duty packing tape worked to perfection.

I then went on a search for craft supplies to use for our sticky wall. Once I found materials that would work well I popped them into a box at the experience.

Now the sticky wall is ready for your child to play!

Depending on age close supervision would be required if small pieces are being offered.

setting up our sticky wall
How it started!
sticky wall complete
How it ended!

What We Used:

  • Clear book contact
  • Heavy duty packing tape or painters tape
  • Craft materials such as pom poms, felt, sequins, or straws
  • A box to contain the craft materials

Adapting For Developmental Age:

Baby & Toddler Ideas

  • Stick contact on the floor to encourage grasping and tummy time
  • Consider using larger objects such as soft plastic balls or play cars to move back and forth on the contact
  • Model how to transfer materials onto the contact and give your child time to mirror your actions

Older Toddlers & Preschoolers Ideas

  • Offer smaller materials such as sequins, googley eyes, or foam shapes
  • Set a creative challenge such as make a house, person, or animal
  • Allow your child to select the craft materials and perhaps they could cut paper shapes or crate paper
sticking craft materials onto our sticky wall

This blog was written by Brooke from Little Messy Learners Hobart

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