Sensory Messy Play With Dinner Leftovers

It’s so easy to cook up some rice for dinner, but what if you have some left over? It’s easy to turn leftover spaghetti, couscous and rice into messy play fun for your little one.

Did you know cooked rice can be stored in an air tight container for a few days? When ready to use partition it into smaller containers add water to mix it up to moist sloppy consistency. Add a few drops of colouring to make it more fun.

then you are ready to add it to a play tray to enjoy. Combine some tools for enjoyment and this also helps your toddler to strengthen their core muscles for later when it’s time for holding pencils.
In our classes we also introduce children to letters, numbers, shapes and patterns. You could add some foam or plastic letters and numbers to your tray.

What a great way to teach children letter recognition with their name. This is Play Based Learning!

Use the wet rice to create a picture with.
Add more water with a squeeze spray bottle. This also builds core strength in fingers and hands.

Cooked rice

Food colouring




Bowls/ Cups

Letters or numbers

Spray bottle

Child name written down to match the letters to


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