Pasta Play Activity

Are you looking for a quick and simple play activity for your toddler? This easy pasta play activity was just that and captured my little ones attention immediately. The best thing about this educational activity is it took me less than 2 minutes to get it ready, winning right!

All you need for this experience is a handful of dried spaghetti strands and a colander.

The aim of this pasta play activity is to encourage your little one to use their fine motor and cognitive skills to pop the spaghetti stands into the holes of the colander.

While my daughter enjoyed this activity as is, you could extend this experience and add various levels of difficulty by doing the suggested ideas below.

  • Treading – Add dried penne pasta to thread onto the spaghetti strands that are already in the colander. You could also use breakfast cereals like Fruit Loops or Cheerios.
  • Imaginative Play – Let you little one cook up a storm by adding kitchen utensils and cookware with the pasta.
  • Playdough – Use playdough to connect and build a construction with the pasta.

Tried this activity out at home? I’d love to hear how you went. Use the hashtag #littlemessylearners or tag us @littlemessylearners