Paper Plate Bunny Faces

Paper plates
Cotton balls
glue stick
Pipe cleaners
Hole punch
Sticky tape
Pop stick / paper straw

Method : start with the ears, punch two holes top right of plate for pipe cleaner to go through . Repeat other ear.

Bend twist pipe cleaner to create circular shape and tape behind plate secure join with sticky tape. Repeat other ear.

Alight ears bend and shape as needed.

Use crayon/ marker to Draw on face of bunny. Nose mouth lines, child could try to draw big eyes. And straight whiskers.

Gather a handful of cotton balls, gently loosen fluff pulling gently to thin them out.

Apply wide layer of Glue around the edge of the plate
Get child to pat the cotton fluff onto glued surface.
End apply a pop stick or straw to use as a mask to hold up.

Gluing on the fluff.


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