Nature painting

Create some beautiful paintings with more than a brush!

My girls love painting, they would do it every day if they could! So we decided to try painting with items other than paint brushes and stamps.

We gathered some long grass from the vacant plot next to our house, some lavender from the garden and a few small branches from the local park. I clipped the grass together with a bag clip to make a long brush.

For paint we used non-toxic paint from Kmart, but if you would rather make your own edible paint, check out my recipe here.

We set everything up outside and got painting!

Harriet really enjoyed splatting the long grass brush over her paper, mainly because she got me covered in paint too!

She wanted to fold her paintings over to make a butterfuly effect and they turned out awesome!

See what great things you can find to paint with on your next walk with the kids!

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