Mermaid Crafts!

Channel your inner Mermaid and create a cute Jellyfish friend with our fun and easy Mermaid Crafts! Great for taking the messy play out of the tuff tray or as a crafty decoration for movie night!

Mermaid Crafts - Paper Jellyfish

Little Messy Learners Kwinana came together for an under water-themed session, filled with all manner of mermaid crafts! The children absolutely loved the process of transforming paper plates and colourful tissue paper into remarkable jellyfish!

A child shows off their Mermaid Paper Craft!

Let’s Jelly-brate in style with these super fun paper plate crafts. All you need to do is…

  • Take a paper plate, the larger the size, the more room to decorate!
  • Fold your plate in half, with the shiny side facing out.
  • Use pens, paints or chalk to give your jellyfish a smile!
  • Cut or tear tissue paper into long trailing strips and glue these to your jellyfish. Remember, cutting (with child safe scissors!) is a great activity to hone fine motor skills! Read more about that here!
  • Use tape to stick your jellyfish to the wall or even above a door, where their long trails can float around!

Make sure to check out Laura at Little Messy Learners Kwinana, Cockburn & Melville for more ideas! Or join her for a class soon!

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Little Messy Learners x


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