The wonder of cups!


I’ve been trying to find things we can use around the house in our activities’, we have enough things! Today I will be showing ideas on how to start mark making with cups!

So as its Swirlo week this week, we chose a cup, a plastic cup, we have at least 50!

Swirlo is the Little Messy Learners magic mark, she is all about the circles and swirls that make up numbers and letters including 8, 9, 0, C, J, Q and others.

It’s such a versatile mark for your kids to make and a very important one to learn before they move on to other marks.

This activity helps them with pencil control, whole hand grip, pincer grip and creativity.

I went first and I drew three large circles and then three small circles inside them. I drew a flower in each one and asked my eldest and youngest to draw a circle around the flowers! So simple! You could draw animals, stars, food etc! Whatever takes your fancy!

I then asked them to make their own circles by copying me and tracing around the cup, they loved it! My eldest daughter used her cup to make a flower! It’s wonderful to see what they come up with.

By them holding the cup and tracing round it, they are using their whole hand and pincer grip for both hands at the same time! It’s so good for building those little muscles.

See what fun things you can draw just by tracing around cups!

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Have fun Mark Making with cups!

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