Mark Maker Monday’s Lionel week!

Lionel the solider mark teaches us all about straight lines!

As you can see he is made up of lots of lines!

This week we have looked at quite a few different activities that you can do with your children at home, from 5 months to 4 years old.

I would encourage you to start off by dancing with your child, in our video today, which you can view on Little Messy Learners Mandurah and Rockingham’s Facebook Page, we sang and danced to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. Both of these songs encourage your child to make up and down movements with their arms, great for building their gross motor skills.

Then we looked at four different activities (see the resource sheets below for details):

Moon sand – Moon sand is made with just flour and oil. It’s a wonderful texture for all kids to play with and is taste safe for babies too! You can mould it into shapes, use cars to draw lines through it and make sand castles!

Floor and window drawing – Drawing on the floor is great for building gross, whole hand and pincer grip motor skills. For this activity I drew a head at the top and feet at the bottom and asked my girls to complete the stickman using straight lines. I stuck one sheet to the floor and one sheet to the window. For the floor activity, encourage you child to lie on their tummy to make the mark, this increases the use of their shoulder muscles. Window drawing is the same concept, it really works their arms and also their wrist movements from reaching up and pulling the pen, pencil etc down to the bottom.

Shadow cubes – This is a great activity for slightly older kids, 2 years and above. We used the cubes to cover the shadow pattern with the cubes. This is great for pincer grip when picking up the cubes and also for learning basic patterns.

‘Seed’ planting – for this activity we used straight lines to ‘plant’ seeds with tweezers. We used sunflower seeds, gum nut seeds and playdough seeds. Your child can either use their fingers, tweezers or small tongs to pick them up and place them on the lines.

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