Mark Maker Monday’s with Archie the Rainbow!

Archie the Rainbow is definitely my most favourite mark, I love all the bright colours and I have such fun making play things in different colours!

We had such fun today with our mark making rainbow activities!

Rainbow rain clouds!

This is such a great mark making rainbow activity for kids ages 2 years and above.

What you need

  • 2 glasses filled ¾ of the way with water
  • Cheap shaving foam (not gel)
  • Paint mixed with water to make it runny
  • Pipettes or Panadol syringes

What to do

  • Shake the shaving foam well and then squirt foam on top of the water to fill the glass.
  • Suck up some paint mix out of the bowls with the pipette
  • Hold the pipette over the shaving foam and gently squirt the paint into the foam
  • Watch the magic rain happen!

Rainbow fish!

(See template below)

This is a great activity for your little ones as well as the older kids. If you don’t want to use normal paint, take a look at my edible paint recipe to use instead.

What you need

  • Celery stick cut into 4cm sections
  • Paint
  • Fish template

What to do

Using different coloured paint, dip the celery ends into the paint and then use them to make fish scales on the fish! The celery makes a lovely arch shape.

Colour sorting rainbow hearts

This activity is great for all ages, it really practices fine motor skills and for 2 year and above it’s a great way to start learning colours!

What you need

Large egg box with 12 holes


Marker pens in 6 different colours

Wooden lolly sticks or reusable straws

Heart template below or coloured card

Sticky tape or glue

What to do

  • Cut the top off the egg box so you are left with just the holes. Turn the box over and colour in six different colours, two of each. Make a small incision into the top of each colour.
  • Cut out heart shapes in different six different colours, either using the template or coloured card, to match the colours on the egg box.
  • Using the sticky tape or glue, stick the hearts back to back to the top of the lolly sticks/straws.
  • Encourage your child to push the coloured hearts into the matching colours!

Mashtastic rainbow!

This is a great, taste safe activity for your little ones!

What you need

  • Instant mash potato
  • Food colouring or natural colours you can find in your pantry such as turmeric
  • Boiling water
  • Different coloured bowls
  • Wood spoon

What to do

  • Make up one serving of mash potato as per the instructions on the packet, if the mash is not smooth or to thick, add a small amount of water until creamy and smooth.  Repeat this process in different bowls depending on how many colours you are using.
  • Add in your chosen colour, making one batch at a time so you have lots of different colours. We used red, yellow, green and purple.
  • Allow the mash potato to cool completely.
  • Using a tray, make an arch with each colour at a time to create your rainbow!

Note: discard all mash potato after your child has finished playing

For more ideas like this, check out our YouTube channel!

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