Magic Unicorn Foam

Taste safe and great for children with allergies!


I have heard of Aquafaba but I have never tried it, mainly because we don’t eat many chickpeas in our house which is what the recipes I have found say it is made from.

I was making spaghetti bolognaise a few nights ago and it got me thinking whether bean water would work in the same way as chickpea water and guess what, it does!

This was my first time making rainbow foam and my kids and I are in love with it!

This foam is awesome if you have little ones because it’s taste safe!

It’s also great for kids with allergies because of its basic ingredients.

What you need

  • The water from two tins of either, chickpeas, mixed beans, lentils or kidney beans (you can have one of each, it doesn’t make a difference)
  • One dessert spoon of Cream of Tartar
  • An electric hand whisk (you can use a hand whisk, it will just take longer)
  • A bowl
  • Food colouring – I used 4 colours to make a rainbow
  • Food flavouring – I used a unicorn flavour, but anything will do, it just helps with the smell of the bean water!
  • A baking tray

What to do

  • Strain the water of the tins of beans into your bowl
  • Set aside the beans.
  • Add the cream of tartar to the bean water
  • Add the flavouring
  • Whisk the bean water on a high speed until it is thick and creamy (like egg white)
  • If you are using different colours, separate your foam into different bowls and add a few drops of colouring
  • Whisk the colouring in each bowl
  • Spread out the colours on the baking tray into a rainbow
  • Have fun playing!

Note: The foam lasts for about 1 hour then it starts to return to water again, but guess what, you can whisk it back up again!

Once your child has played with the foam I would advise you discard it.

Bean water keeps in the fridge for 5 days, so if you are opening a tin, remember to keep the water for play foam!

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