Why we will be doing less homeschooling and more play during the outbreak

An honest insight into the reasons I am going to do less homeschooling and more play time which in isolation!

I lead a busy life. How busy I am is always by my own doing, not down to anyone else. I only have two children, aged 2 and 5 years old, so compared to other families we are small, and my children are generally pretty good. But I have noticed recently that I just seem too busy to play. 

I have been running my own business for 8 months now, so not too long, and I have thrown myself into it, with everything I have; which means early starts, late nights and a lot of “I’ll be there in just a minute…” when my kids ask me to play. And I never am, there in a minute, it’s more like half an hour. Because on top of my business, which involves lesson planning, administration, bookkeeping, party planning, financial planning, goal setting etc; comes the constant food requests, housework, laundry, shopping, playtime, time with my hubby, exercise (very rarely) and excessive junk food eating (more often!). 

The Mum guilt is strong in this one.

I went to a Circle of Security workshop not long ago, where they told me that the best way to bring up an independent child is to ensure they feel safe and secure.  Basically; be a safe base, allow them to explore, praise them, play with them, give them reassurance and emotional support when they come back to you, repeat. I was thinking during the whole workshop, I definitely don’t do hardly any playtime! But at the end the host told us that we only need to do this circle 30% of the time and we will raise a well established, emotionally secure child.  30%, it doesn’t seem that much! But then I started to be conscious day by day how much time I actually was spending on this circle, and I realised I was being great at the emotional support part, but not at the playing/praising part.  There was always something else pressing that needed my attention, which when I type it out now sounds awful, but there always seemed to be.

And then suddenly COVID-19 happens and everything is thrown up in the air.

I had to postpone my classes, cancel birthday parties, and all of a sudden I’m not busy anymore. I have more than ‘just a minute’ to play with my children. But I still can’t find the time. I can’t switch off, I find myself flitting from one thing to another, I need to bake, I need to shop, I need to clean the floor, the washing needs doing……I’m no better off than I was before, and nor are my children.

Then they asked us today to keep our children at home if we could. I would need to home school.

I don’t know why but I suddenly started thinking about our long 6-week holidays with my Grandparents, my Mum and Dad worked, so we had our holidays with them instead.  The whole time we built dens (cubbies), we made jam, my Grandma taught me how to bake, we made up dances, we had tea parties in the garden; they were honestly the best weeks of my young life.

I haven’t done any of those things with my children. I’m always too busy.

But now, if there is anything good that can come out of this awful situation with COVID-19, it’s the time it’s given us.

Time to bake….

Time to play…..

Time to build dens….

Time to make jam….

Time to be messy. ….

Time to read stories. …

Time to make up dances….

Time to have tea parties. …

Time. …

Time with our children to make memories that they will look back on and remember as the best weeks of their young life.

That’s why I’m going to do less homeschooling and more play during the outbreak. I hope you do too.

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