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Hello! I’m Abbie, mummy to Bobby who is 2 and Grace who is 1….. yes we were crazy and they have a very small age gap of 15 months!!!

Before babies I was a Primary School Teacher and I taught Year 2 for 7 years. I often get asked if I will go back to teaching and I honestly don’t know! I was never great at finding a good work life balance and I imagine I would find that even harder now I have my own children!

I stated my Instagram page @shareyourplaywithme as a way to document our days and get ideas from other play accounts. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do and I love the play community that I am a part of! There are soo many amazing accounts on Instagram and I feel lucky to have made many insta friends!

If you already follow me then you will know that I am not one for elaborate set ups! As Bobby and Grace are only very young with short attentions span my activities are simple and quick to set up! I don’t want to be spending longer setting it up than we actually play for! For me they also need to be easy to tidy away as I’m not in the Hinch Army, although my husband does wish I enjoyed cleaning as much as I enjoy playing!!!

Here are 5 of my activities that were simple to set up but provided so many opportunities for learning through play!

That’s Not My…..

I’m sure so many of our little ones will have a favourite ‘That’s Not My….’ book. I made this template from a cereal box and we went around the garden finding different textures, colours, patterns and materials. It was a wonderful activity for introducing new vocabulary!

Muffin Maths

My little boy loves a snack….I mean who doesn’t?! I filled a muffin tray with pieces of snack- the holes had either 1, 2 or 3 pieces in them (the numbers we were learning). I then covered the tray with tin foil and wrote numbers on the top. He had to say the number, break into the tin foil and also count how many pieces of snack he found. This could be use to practise, phonics sounds, colours, maths calculations, foreign languages, money….. the reward is the snack!

Play Dough Puzzle

Play dough is such a versatile play resource and if you don’t have any it’s very simple to make (although mine is often very very dry and crumbly….) Bobby loves his Daddy’s toolbox so I found a few child safe items and made a play dough puzzle!! This was a huge hit and he loved matching the items and then making one for his Daddy to do too!

DIY Leaf Puzzle

This has to be one of the simplest ideas ever but we spent all morning on it! We went for a walk and picked lots of different leaves, discussing their shapes, colours and sizes! We then came home, I cut them in half and Bobby had to see if he could put them back together again!! A winner and absolutely free!!!!

Bubble Wrap Boots

Grace absolutely loves mess! She loves sitting down in puddles and splashing, digging up the mud in the garden and rolling around getting mucky! This activity was right up her street! I taped bubble wrap around her feet, dipped her in the paint and she had a great time stomping and stamping around making an abstract work of art!! *WARNING- it does get slippery so hold onto your little ones!*

So there’s my top 5 fun activities that are accessible to everyone! They all have minimal resources, are simple to set up but the outcome is a lot of fun and I’ve snuck in lots of learning!

Are you tempted to try any of them?

Thank you for reading this blog and I would love to see you all over on my Instagram @shareyourplaywithme 




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