Introducing The Face of Little Messy Learners 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the winner and face of Little Learners 2023 is from Little Messy Learners Kwinana, Cockburn & Melville 💜

You’ll be seeing a lot of this little one soon across our website, socials and more! We can’t wait until her photoshoot – so exciting!!

Our winner’s gorgeous smile and the pure joy that radiates from her whilst she’s mark making demonstrates just how fun learning to write can be! That’s exactly what we’re all about at Little Messy Learners. Our aim is for children to thrive in a safe and fun learning environment! And she certainly looks like she’s enjoying every moment of making her mark. Huge well done!

Here’s what they won in addition to being the face of our brand:

⭐️ A photoshoot at their local class
⭐️ 3 terms of LML classes!
⭐️ A mini LL Party for the child and 5 friends
⭐️ A full wardrobe of LML merchandise
⭐️ A set of The Mark Makers Story & Activity Books
⭐️ An amazing wall banner and puzzle worth $65 from the fabulous Pop Ya Tot
⭐️ A bundle of goodies from the brilliant Modern Brands

Thank you to everyone that entered this year! It was as hard as ever to choose a winner because all our brilliant little mark makers are absolute stars ⭐️

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