First Messy Play Class? Survival Guide! 

So you’ve taken the leap and booked your little one into their First Messy Play Class. Hooray! There is seriously so much fun for both you and bub to have, but a few things to know first. 

Expect to get messy. Yes, it’s a class for kids, but you’re going to want to get in on the action. Our classes are usually a free play set up. So there are messy kids everywhere as we offer lots of different messy play and mark making stations. It’s always guaranteed that your child will need a big hug when at their absolute messiest. Best for grown-ups to dress for mess too! 

Your child may not love the first class. This is really normal and to be expected. It’s an unknown environment and can take a little to get used to. How often have you told your kid not to jump in that puddle and now you’re asking them to jump into a tray of slime. We know this is often the case for first time Little Messy Learners and won’t take offence. This is why we keep our room set up similar each week, to build a sense of familiarity. It’s also why we change ingredients every week, as your child might hate a cold spaghetti tray but be diving head first into flour and glitter the next week. 

First Messy Play Class

Don’t worry about the mess. I know many parents are concerned when their child gets paint on the floor or there is spaghetti sprinkled everywhere. Don’t worry, this is our job and we love it. The messier the class the better! We are more than happy to do the cleaning up. 

Bring a towel, wipes and a spare change of clothes. Especially for the first class. You’ll learn pretty quick if your kid is the kind that just needs a wipe down after class or a full outfit change. As someone who has a coco powder stained pram, a towel to lay bubs on is a great idea if you’re still at the stage they might take a spontaneous nap or need a nappy change. 

Expect a nap. There are lots of kids, new smells, textures and sounds. It can be a big exhausting day for little ones. One of the best parts of our classes is the extra-long nap you usually get afterwards. Enjoy it, and drink your coffee while it’s hot! 

Lastly, We are so grateful to have you along. It truly is our pleasure and privilege to get to provide this for you and your kids and we cant wait to see you there. 

First Messy Play Class

Feel like you’re up to the challenge of attending your First Messy Play Class? Book here!

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