Fangtastic Halloween Activities for Kiddies

Welcome to another blog by me- Mother Tuffa! Now a regular with Little Learners UK! Check out my first blog to find out a bit more about me! 

Halloween play! I thought I’d share a few simple ideas to keep the children entertained on this spooky day! 

Pumpkin Washing

I find pumpkin carving a little stressful! It is tricky for the children to do, and you need a sharp carving tool so my preferred activity is washing them! Super simple set up! Pumpkins and various squash, some scrubbing brushes and sponges, topped off with some warm soapy water and the scrubbing commenced! 

Pumpkin and Squash Shop

Second outing of the beloved pumpkins and squash is shop! The skeleton grim reaper is the shop keeper here. Strangely my daughter is obsessed with the grim reaper decoration- she cuddles it like a baby, and he is now called Silus! She thinks he is holding a flag! Here my 6 year old had to buy a range of items and calculate the cost of them, then use the little pot of coins to make up that total. He did a fabulous job! My 2 year old got involved too- having lots of fun sorting the pumpkins and squash into size order and making a little home for the grim reaper to live in out of the pumpkin and squash! We did have a little giggle! 

Free the squash! 

Super quick set up! Our amazingly shaped squash were the stars here! I simply popped some elastic bands around them and popped them out on our Flisat Table and little fingers got working! I used the squash instead of the pumpkins as they were a little easier for my 2 year old to manage. 

Monster making. Play dough is so popular in our house! Here I used the mixed play dough that looks a mixed brown colour. A blob in the centre of the tray. Then around are some googly eyes, some pipe cleaners, beads and buttons. My 2 year old was let loose and she made some great little monsters!

Recycled Haunted House

I save lots of recycling so we raided that and worked together to create a masterpiece! The children got involved but Daddy Tuffa did the hard work! The house was made from a cardboard box, cardboard tubes and cardboard. It was then painted grey. The towers had cardboard cones as each roof, and then the windows had cockatail sticks as the frames. The garden is the part my husband took control of… he cut up a green cloth for the grass, made an uneven path and the fence is made of cocktail sticks with cotton wool cobwebs on. The bit he is most proud of are the grave stones and pet memorial. He giggled to himself as he wrote on them! I did have a little giggle myself! The kids loved helping to create it and we then used our peg dolls and Halloween loose parts for lots of great playing. 

These are just a few of my Halloween play ideas- come and check out my spooky bath reels, sticky back plastic ghosts and many more on my @mother_tuffa Instagram page!