DIY Pine Cone Bouquet

Pine Cones are such a great item to utilise in arts and crafts! The shape and texture of them is so satisfying and great to identify certain marks! We at Little Messy Learners always finding ways to repurpose things and make amazing keepsakes you can treasure forever! Take a look at this beautiful DIY Pine Cone Bouquet, fit for a queen! (Or your mum, LOL)

We are fortunate enough to live close by to Werribee Mansion and The State Rose Garden. This was our go to spot during lock-down. This spot somehow managed to turn our daily walk into an adventure. We would try and spot the fish (who our middle child has named Mila) in the fountain, search for fairies when we saw mushrooms and hunt for dragon eggs (pine cones). 

We returned today to picnic and play and some mothers day craft was inspired. 

A Pine Cone Bouquet! 

All you need is some pine cones, a bit of paint, few rubber bands and some colored paper if you are feeling extra fancy. 

We simply painted the bottoms of the pine cones red and added a yellow centre. We then bound then together with rubber bands and wrapped them in colored paper. 


Simple gift for Mum.

Be sure to spoil her rotten this weekend.

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