DIY Party Poppers

“This will never work.” I said, as I pulled back the balloon and covered the kitchen in confetti.”

Maybe I’m still recovering from the Covid toilet paper crisis, but I have an abundance of loo rolls in my house and I feel like they should be used. Some inspiration and a few hours on pintrest I gave this a go. 

What you need: 

  • Balloon 
  • Toilet roll ( or paper towel or wrapping paper roll)
  • Glitter or confetti or cut up paper
  • Colored paper and tape for decorating (optional) 

What to do: 

  • Cover paper roll in colored paper or wrapping paper. 
  • Cut a whole in the top of the balloon. Only large enough so that it will snuggly fit on your paper roll. 
  • Pull the balloon over the roll and tape in place if desired. 
  • Tie end of balloon off. 


  • Go outside or to somewhere that is easily sweepable. 
  • Pop a bit of confetti or glitter in the top. No need to fill, just a sprinkle will do. 
  • Pull the balloon back, let go and you have a party!!!



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