Dino Play for Rainy Days

Dinos – we LOVE them! And at Little Messy Learners, we a themed class! There is something special about dinos, their size, their unique names and the fact that children of all ages love them! All in all, they are a perfect theme for a messy play activity! Here are some of our faves!

Cornflour Gloop

Kids love stick gloop – even better if it’s Dino themed! All you need to do is…

  • Put water in a pan, add food colouring (we chose green) and bring this to the boil.
  • Add one pack of cornflour and reduce the heat.
  • Keep stirring until you get a gloopy consistency.
  • Let it cool, pour into a container and place in the fridge overnight.
  • The next day, your gloop should be a jelly like texture perfect for a Dino swamp tuff tray!
Dino Gloop Tuff Tray

Peas and Messy Play!

Peas are always a popular choice in messy play classes! You can squash them, roll them and if you are peckish – eat them! We used bamboo chutes to create pathways and tubes that could be used to roll peas. We also added numbered dino play eggs – perfect to get older children counting!

Brother play in a Dino pea tuff tray

Oat Dino Play Foot Prints

Oats are a wonderful material for sensory and imaginary play! The children created scenes using the dino play tray, ‘baked’ cakes and made foot prints in oats! Aren’t they adorable?

A child plays in a Dino themed tuff tray

We LOVE hearing about what you get up to so if you tried any of these activities or any other dinosaur related activities, then do let us know. We can’t wait to see your photos – make sure you use #littlemessylearners!

Thanks for reading!

Lene – originally written for Little Learners UK

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