Christmas Tree Hand Prints

A fun quick messy play gift for the grandparents, godparents or that special person! Learn how to make these amazing Christmas Tree hand prints with Little Messy Learners below!


Gather materials : green paint, textas, paper, baby wipes, plastic table cover tray or highchair


Choose a calmer part of the day to make sure your little ones hands are nice and steady!


Paint child’s hand describing the feeling wet, slimy, ticklish, and press twice onto paper angled out left and right.

Apply another coat of paint and press down central on top. Put paper out of reach and encourage your child to explore their green hand. A little sensory play smearing, making mark across the tabletop tray, plastic cover or high chair.




Later when dry draw on features tree trunk, pot and colourful baubles. You can apply hand over hand approach when drawing with your young toddler. Don’t forget to name and date your child’s work.

This was part of our babies and toddlers Christmas messy play class at little messy learners Wanneroo.

Quick and easy Christmas keepsake gift

Hope you enjoyed hearing all about how we made these Christmas Tree hand prints! Stay tuned for more amazing Christmas themed crafts!

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