Christmas Bauble Mark Making

Oh I loved doing this with the kids. This is the perfect messy play and mark making activity to me. The best bit is you don’t need to decorate for Christmas as your house will be covered in glitter and sparkling until next year! Probably an outside activity if you don’t love glitter as much as me. 

This activity is brilliant for mark making. The kids instantly wanted to pop their fingers in the glitter and mix the colors together. I encouraged them to make straight lines, arches, circles and zig zags. We then practiced some letters and numbers. 

Next we used paint brushes to cover polystyrene balls in glue. Great practice for building motor skills and concentration. Then we rolled the gluey balls in glitter. We rolled them up and down, round in circles, we made them jump in arches, so much fun the kids didn’t even realise they were practicing early writing skills. 

For us this was such a memory making activity, I loved watching the kids just get excited by glitter, blowing it on each other (and the dogs) and giggling. We talked about fairies and dragons and other things that sparkled. I watched as they farrowed their brows in concentration and the pride on their faces with their new creation. We will pop some string on these and they can be hang on our tree for every Christmas!


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