Chinese New Year Celebrations!

To recognise the Chinese New Year we are doing a few crafts at home, the girls wanted to start with a Chinese dragon!

A quick note before we begin; I’m a great believer in allowing children to create their own crafts in the way they interpret what you have asked them to do. This is my own dragon and as you will see further down the girls (and Hubby!) have their own way they chose to create their dragon, that’s what makes art beautiful, so let your child’s creativity flow.

What you need

  • Some cupcake cases
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • A pen

How to create your dragon

  • Flatten the cases down and cut in half or quarters, depending on how you want the dragon to look
  • Draw a rough wiggly line on your paper leaving room for the head
  • Stick down the cupcake cases along the line leaving the crinkle side sticking up
  • Make a face by cutting out a square, triangles and a beard shape, stick those down
  • Draw on eyes and a nose

Charlotte loves following instructions and wanted her dragon to look like mine, but more ‘fancy’, she told me!

Harriet is at the age where she just loves using scissors and cutting everything up, so not much sticking was invloved, but she had a great time cutting out shapes!

Hubby decided to use the middle of the cases to make his and also used the paper a different way round.

Everyone’s is different, I love it! See what dragons you can create with your beautiful family.

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