Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Restore Our Earth is the theme for Earth Day this year. It’s so important for us to teach our children how to respect and take care of the World around them and this can start from a young age!

Here are two very simple activities you can do with your child at home to start the discussion about the World around them and how we can look after it.

Ziggy’s Earth Day Bingo!

Rather than printing this bingo activity off, save our trees and download it to your phone instead! Then take your little one out on a walk and have fun exploring the World around you finding some of the beautiful things in nature.

Help Lionel to sort out his rubbish pile!

The next activity is to promote a discussion around recyling and what we can do to help keep our World clean.

Have a chat with your child and see if they can help to identify where Lionel’s rubbish needs to go!

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