Birthday Party Idea – Little Messy Learners! 

Have you been looking for the perfect Birthday Party Idea but keep getting stuck with the same soft play and bouncy castle ideas? We have you covered! Here at Little Messy Learners, we pride ourselves on our completely tailored birthday parties!

Birthday Party Idea that your Little Messy Learners will LOVE!

Below are 5 points on why parties with Little Messy Learners are the best idea ever!

  1. We cater the party/theme to exactly what you want for the day. Cake smash? Can do? Unicorn theme? Can do! 4 different varieties of slime? Can do!  Minimal mess? Can do!
  2. Kids LOVE it! Seriously what is a better day for your child than getting to eat cake, fairy bread and then putting some cold spaghetti on your head? 
  3. We cater for different ages. For little ones, we can make it a non-toxic, non-chemical, dairy-free exploring adventure. For older children, we can provide crafts and slime making. For adults, we provide you with a chance to have a conversation with another adult while your child is exploring. 
  4. Allergies? No problems. We can cater to any allergies that may be present for you or your guests. 
  5. We clean up the mess! Yes, that’s right, you get to relax and enjoy the party while we entertain the kids for a while. Then we will clean up all the mess they created and you can just focus on enjoying some birthday cake. 

It has never been so easy to book a birthday with us!

We have made the booking process stress free so your child can have the party of their dreams! All you need to do is click here and email your nearest franchisee! Tell them where you are, how many children, the date and the theme and they will get back to you ASAP!

Don’t get stuck with the same old Birthday Party Idea and book now.

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