Animal Rescue Play Activity

Our animal rescue play idea is a fun and interactive activity for engaging children in learning. One of the best things about this activity is you can adapt to suit all ages, see our ideas below.

The aim of this activity is simple ‘Rescue the Animals’.

Preparing the activity

  • Firstly, select your child’s favourite animal figurines.
  • Once animals are chosen you can then use masking tape to stick the animal figurines to a flat surface. You could use a table, hard flooring, windows, or a baking tray.
  • Invite your child over to the activity. Encourage them to use their problem solving skills to rescue the animals.
  • If there is any tape remaining on animals you could encourage your child to remove the tape.

What you need:

  • Figurines
  • Masking Tape
  • Flat Surface
  • Baking tray (optional)
  • Tweezers and tongs (optional)

Adapting the activity:

For babies – Stick figurines on the floor or on top of a baking tray near your baby. This will encourage them to reach, pull, and grasp the animal figurines.

For older toddlers – You can extend on this activity by encouraging your toddler to use tongs and tweezers. Introducing tongs and tweezers to this experience can encourage children’s fine motor skills and co-ordination as they use the tools to lift and pull the tape off the animals. In addition, you may wish to get your child to setup this experience.

Play learning benefits:

  • Fine Motor Development – Children have the opportunity to grasp, pinch, hold, and pull materials through this experience. Therefore, strengthen important small hand muscles.
  • Problem Solving – Children will use scientific thinking to learn how to release the figurines. For example this could be shown by how children choose to pull tape off surfaces.
  • Focus & Concentration – This activity promotes children to focus and concentrate. As a result, supporting important brain growth and development.
  • Independence – This activity require little to no adult contribution, therefore encouraging children to make their own choices in play.
Fine motor play
Animal Rescue

Did you have fun doing this activity at home? We would love to hear how you went and you can do this by tagging us in your play @littlemessylearners or use the hashtag #littlemessylearners.

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This activity was written by Brooke from Little Messy Learners Hobart

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