5 Benefits of Messy Play!

The many benefits of messy play and how it can bring big smiles to your child!

A messy play tuff tray from Little Messy Learners Kwinana

Messy play excites my senses!

Messy play gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them using all five of their senses. The children loved feeling the different textures with their hands and feet and mixing the different materials together to make ice creams and potions!

Play makes my hand and finger muscles strong!

This activity is great for building up those hand, wrist and finger muscles that will be needed when children start to hold pens and pencils and learn to write. They had great fun picking up the spaghetti using the tongs and tweezers and snipping it with the scissors. We even put it on our heads to make spaghetti hair!!

Messy play helps me to mark-make!

Mark making is the first step towards writing when children start to scribble or make marks with their fingers in different ways. At Little Learners we teach the four pre-writing marks through our four fun characters – The Mark Makers. We learn to make straight lines, curved lines, circles and zig zags. These can be used to form all of the letters, numbers and shapes. We always have painting, drawing, chalks and whiteboards to create mark making opportunities. As well as encouraging children to make their marks in the trays.

Let’s make friends!

Our classes are always friendly, inclusive and welcoming. The children learn to be around other children, play alongside or with others of different ages and learn so many tricky social skills. They can explore sharing and turn taking, in a safe and fun environment. They absolutely loved making their friendship pie. Adding different ingredients to their play dough and rolling it out because happy activities mean happy children!

Messy play helps my speech!

Sessions like these give children and their carers that little snippet of quality time together. I love to see parents and children talking about their play, using different vocabulary to describe what they are doing and having fun together! This kind of activity is great for fine motor control too!

Can you think of any other benefits of messy play? Or want some great activity ideas… click here!

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